Nechama Photography — Portfolio Redesign

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Project Overview

Nechama Photography approached me in December, 2017 asking if I had any thoughts on how to bring her portfolio to a more professional level. The client and I agreed on the MVP for this project. Because the purpose of her portfolio is two-fold, to drive in business as well as display the client's work and style, I suggested creating a shoot booking function, simplifying the landing page while directing users towards the new CTA. Within a week, the client reported an increase in overall bookings scheduled as well as use of the new Book Now function. 

Nechama Photography

Nechama Photography accepts private session bookings in her studio as well as travel shoots. The client's primary focus is headshots taken at their personal studio. 

The portfolio's landing page featured a gallery of an assortment of photo styles. The page had a contact button with a built in message function but no booking feature. In our initial meeting, the client's goal for the redesign was to highlight the page's headshots and drive in more business. I suggested changing the landing page from an endless scrolling situation to a simplified page menu and adding the Book Now feature. Through careful and clear communication, the client and I talked through creating the book now feature, how the simplified landing page would enhance the UX, and implementing the redesign. 


The changes implemented to the site revamped the landing page from an endless scrolling gallery to a concise page with three featured buttons, including the CTA. The Headshot and Portrait galleries are still accessible on the landing page, however, the redesign simplifies the experience of booking a session as well as allows users to easily understand who Nechama Photography is, the work produced, and the sessions offered.  


A - added Book Now button using a popular and easy-to-use eCommerce platform.

B - featured CTA

C - added a Terms of Service button to help faciliate the online booking experience. 

nechama page.001

campaign member list

create-message screen


After implementing the final changes to the redesign, the client reported immediate use of the online booking function as well as an increase in weekly bookings.