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Ripple — Feature Design

Competitive & User Research | Wireframe & Mockup Production | Agile Design

Project Overview

Strive Digital was established in 2017 with the mission of ensuring that every social movement has access to the digital tools it needs. Starting with website development, Strive Digital has been quickly expanding their services to include SMS tools and strategy development. They recently had a beta launch for their product, Ripple, a rapid response SMS tool with one-one and group broadcasting capabilities.

For this project, my team and I were given an initial brief requesting a dashboard design for the survey reports and message results that would be implemented into their product later on. Because Ripple’s platform is in early development, we were in the position to design for immediate use as well as look beyond what they had available at that time. Based on our research, we delivered an MVP as well as prioritized suggestions for Ripple features moving forward. 


Ripple is a tool targeting small advocacy groups and grass roots organizations with few resources. The purpose of Ripple is to build and engage supporter lists. During the beta launch period, Ripple was available for Strive Digital partners, including: Million Hoodies for Justice, and Rights and Democracy Now of Vermont and New Hampshire.

Ripple’s features before our designs included: Text-in for joining campaign lists; mass text announcements and surveys with yes/no or multiple choice questions; Survey/Message reports according to member’s number, organized by date joined, and exportable as a CSV file.


campaign member list

create-message screen

Ripple is trying to fill a particular need. Where they lack in robust features, they make up for in low cost. However, looking at the features of similar products, we see the competition leaves room for Ripple to hold a unique spot in the market.


Scope of Work

Dynamic Design

In preparation for an October 17th launch, Strive Digital has been developing Ripple since our initial meeting. In a three week timeframe, we created four product wireframes, simultaneously designing for the MVP to be implemented immediately, as well as for additional priority features that can be incorporated as resources become available.

Initial Direction

Ripple does not currently have a platform for viewing data collected from the SMS rapid response tool. How might we visually present the collected results in a clean and delightful way that enables users to effectively interpret the data and gain useful insights?


We began our research with extensive user interviews, including:

2 Strive Digital beta partners, grassroots advocacy organizations that currently use Ripple;
7 additional people from advocacy and activist groups who use SMS rapid response and email blast tools;
2 dashboard developers who advised us on best practices for designing dashboards for analytics.


Overall, the users we interviewed had similar motivations for using SMS rapid response tools. They value the ability to reach a wide audience on a more immediate level than e-mail, which they hope will help them achieve their goals of increasing engagement, event attendance, and inciting action.



The user interviews revealed a need for a simple tool with high learnability. Users widely expressed a desire for visual representations of data and side-by-side views of survey reports.


Their pain points pointed to working between several different platforms to accomplish their tasks. These processes are complicated and time-consuming, especially for small organizations with limited resources.

MVP & Feature Prioritization

Based on the needs and pain points revealed in our user research, our design goals were to include visual representation, a comparison functionenabling the user to compare different survey or message results side by side, and maintain the easy to learn platform in a centralized dashboard.


Minimum Viable Product

At this point in our process, Strive Digital told us that they wanted us to include a Side Tab Bar for navigating in our design as well as to focus on a message history feature. With those features as our MVP, we prioritized our other feature ideas according to a MoSCoW Mapping method. Based on our research, we decided to include visual representation and message report comparison features in our design for future implementation.



We designed multiple samples. The first series of mockups come from a prototype developed that shows the implementable MVPs.

1 — send message CTA
1a — highlighted button when selected
2 — members
3 — survey reports
4 — inbox
5 — campaign overview
6 — campaign members


7 — messages ordered by most recent

8 — messages separated by sender

9 — exportable as CSV file

7 — messages ordered by most recent

8 — messages separated by sender

9 — exportable as CSV file


10 — surveys ordered my most recently initiated

11 — hover to send messages to corresponding group

12 — expand and collapse survey results


13 — messages ordered chronologically, displaying sender’s #

14 — send message bar


The following wireframes show a Message History page with a Result Comparison feature and added visual representations into the report to be implemented later on.

1 — check-boxes for selecting message results to compare

2 — CTA: compare selected messages

3 — Action button: send new messages to group.

3b—Appears when hovering over corresponding text

1 — check-boxes for selecting message results to compare

2 — CTA: compare selected messages

3 — Action button: send new messages to group.

3b—Appears when hovering over

corresponding text


MVP User Test

Testing the Message History feature with a comparison option found:

7/7 found Check-box and compare button function intuitive
4/7 commented on the side-by-side comparison being clear and translating well
3/7 confused by Inbox feature
User test also revealed that users were looking for visual comparisons, validating our research.

Client Feedback

Strive Digital will be implementing the IA hierarchy of our Message Historyfeature as part of their October launch.

Next Steps